Scotland Has Pole Dancing In Its Libraries Because It’s A Wonderful Country

02.05.13 6 years ago 3 Comments

For quite some time now, we’ve celebrated the graduation of pole dancing from awesome strip club activity to awesome fitness routine, especially since it inspired such amazing events as the United States Pole Dancing Championship and the World Pole Dancing Championship. Hell, it’s even great for charity. If only we could pair pole dancing with the Miss Bum Bum Brasil Pageant so my head could finally actually explode Scanners style.

But now it seems that other countries are realizing how great pole dancing is as an exercise activity, as well as how just mentioning “pole dancing” will draw automatic attention to any event. In this case, people at the Mayfield Library in Dalkeith, Midlothian, Scotland offered a free pole dancing class this past Saturday to increase interest in books or something.

Whatever, it worked. I just got my Mayfield Library card.

Among the participants was community beat officer Lindsey Hughson from Lothian and Borders Police, who tried her hand at pole dancing.

Other activities on offer on Love Your Library Day were “booky table tennis” in which players use books instead of bats, Scottish country dancing and head massages.

Bob Constable, from Midlothian Council, said: “Love Your Library Day is a marvellous opportunity for us all to celebrate the hugely important role libraries play in the heart of our local community.

“The pole fitness session is a fun and interesting way of encouraging more people into our libraries, trying out all the services on offer and ultimately borrowing more books.” (Via STV Edinburgh with additional video, H/T to Hypervocal)

Pole dancing to attract business to a library… I can’t help but think that’s a bit ominous. It’s almost as if someone already told us what this kind of idea will eventually lead to.

Wow, spooky. Let’s check with President Camacho to see how he feels about pole dancing in libraries.


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