See If You Can Figure Out Whether Or Not This Lady Wants To See Totti

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11.02.12 2 Comments

Francesco Totti is the captain of Serie A football club Roma, and he’s a pretty popular guy. Don’t believe me? Watch this video of a weird lady showing up at a train station to meet him, and accomplishing it by just wandering around and yelling TOTTI, TOTTI, TOTTI, TOTTI, TOTTI at everyone she sees. For 2 1/2 minutes. TOTTI!

There’s an off chance that the lady, described pretty accurately by a YouTube commenter as “a cross between Sailor Moon and Groucho Marx,” is just a Borat character played by an Italian woman who found a Japanese school girl uniform at a Halloween store. She’s got a camera crew with her, and with the language/soccer barrier happening she could be anything. She could be Pele in a wig, how the f**k am I supposed to know? But much like how I’m continuing to share exceptional high school football clips despite 70% of them being undercover AT&T commercials, I hope that there is still room for legitimately weird, random people to show up at train stations and mark the hell out for soccer guys.

For more on this story, please consult Totti’s face:

UPDATE: As expected, the Totti fan is a “personality” for one of Japan’s big channels. More information is here, if you understand Japanese: Wiki Japan

[h/t to Brooks Peck at Dirty Tackle]

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