Serena Williams Lost Because Her Leg Decided To Cosplay The Nutty Professor

19-year-old tennis star Sloane Stephens became a Brent-Musburger-style overnight sensation when she upset Serena Williams at the Australian Open, gaining almost 40,000 Twitter followers in one night and earning congratulatory tweets from Shaq, Dirk Nowitzki, singer John Legend and more.

Serena’s response to the upset was pretty predictable — at one point she angrily broke her own racquet — but a quick look at Serena’s Twitter reveals why she might’ve been in a bad mood, and why she might’ve not been at 100% going into the match. I don’t want to overstate it, but it looks like her ankle ate the three-course meal chewing gum from Willy Wonka’s factory.

A pic of the swollen ankle is below. Warning: it may give you The Klumps flashbacks.

Uhhhh … yeah, it’s okay that you didn’t win. YOUR ANKLE LOOKS LIKE AN OLD-TIMEY MEDICINE BALL. How do you even play tennis long enough for it to GET like that?

Advice to Sloane Stephens: if you look down and your leg looks like a Macy’s float, stop doing whatever you’re doing.

[h/t to Shane Bacon]