Serena Williams Says ‘Don’t Try Me’ To Wimbledon Haters

Serena Williams is the queen of modern Wimbledon wins. She has won at England’s Grand Slam tournament five times, most recently in 2012, and makes hay of the competition on the tricky grass courts by pinning opponents to the back-line with power serves and an aggressive net game. But being the best often comes with a price. Like everyone hating your guts. The 59th ranked player in the world, Heather Watson, was the last Brit Serena could face, and the home crowd rooted adamantly for the 23-year-old while lustily booing Williams, who struggled at times to put away the feisty upstart Watson.

But Serena had a message for the haters when those boos roared over her contention with the line judge, a simple ‘Don’t try me’ as she walked back to her set. However inaudible, that small gesture to the crowd might’ve motivated the Grand Slammer because she went on to make light work of Watson in the next two sets.

That should teach ’em.

(Via The Cauldron Twitter)