Serengeti’s ‘Don’t Blame Steve’ Is Dope, Name Checks Kyle Farnsworth

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04.04.12 4 Comments

Fan songs — not just the ones people record in their garage, this includes the ones that are professionally produced — are almost always terrible. Ashkon’s ‘Niners In Paris’ was an exception, as is Serengeti’s ‘Don’t Blame Steve’, a stinging indictment of 100 years of Cubs choking from his Kenny Dennis EP.

From that album’s Pitchfork review:

Then there is “Don’t Blame Steve”, the Chicago Cubs anthem in defense of Steve Bartman, the fan whose interference in a 2003 playoff game indirectly led to the team missing their first World Series since the end of World War II. Using the Cubs 8th inning Game 6 collapse as the setting, Serengeti/Kenny indicts 100 years of franchise futility. The refrain assigns blame to Paul Assenmacher, Jeff Pico, Damon Berryhill, Kevin Tapani, Steve Stone, Luis Salazar and every other choking Cub. Except for Andre Dawson, the first player to ever win an MVP on a last place team. The Hawk gets an extended bridge where Kenny celebrates his merits. It’s like a game of RBI Baseball brought to life. The only flaw is that there is no Harry Caray narration.

I don’t want to sound like an asshole, but wouldn’t baseball be “like a game of RBI Baseball brought to life”? Anyway, it’s a great song, and yes, the part where he suggests we blame Kyle Farnsworth is my favorite part. We need honesty like this from more sports fans, especially the ones who rap. It’s a discussion point higher than “errthang I do, Saint Lou”.

[h/t Big League Stew]

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