Skip Bayless 'Devastated' By The Spurs Loss

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06.21.13 15 Comments

Skip Bayless Devastated

This year’s NBA Finals, folks – they weren’t about the Miami Heat or the San Antonio Spurs. They weren’t about LeBron James’ legacy or Tim Duncan going out on top. They weren’t about Gregg Popovich cementing his status as one of the greatest NBA coaches of all-time or Erik Spoelstra proving that he does belong in the pantheon of two-time NBA champion coaches. They weren’t even about us fans, who pay for the product and simply demand something fun to watch.

Nope. They weren’t about any of those meaningless, insignificant things.

They were about a man. A man named Skip Bayless. A man with feelings and a heart. A heart that is now broken.

“I am devastated. I have never ever, in all my career, been so torn apart, so sickened and saddened, and ultimately dumbfounded by what I had to endure in back-to-back fourth quarters by my San Antonio Spurs. Back-to-back disasters. Yes, I was wrong about the Spurs in 7. But I wasn’t that wrong.”

And I’mma stop you right there, Skipper. You were wrong. You were wrong, just like I was wrong when I said the Heat would win in 5. Wrong is wrong, no matter how you want to spin it on your stupid, meaningless little cable news style show. And you’re also wrong about using words like “disaster” and “I” and “me”, because this was not a disaster, you hyperbolic shithead. And this had nothing to do with “I” or “me” because you don’t mean a freckle’s fart to anyone in that San Antonio locker room.

I try and try so hard to ignore this troll from the bowels of Bristol hell, but I’m stepping out of character just this once to recognize this human skidmark’s pathetic comments because I just feel like it. Skip, I know I speak for so many people who don’t ever watch your show because they know it’s faker than your wife’s orgasms and they know that it’s just like this Glenn Beck-ian trash that you pumped out this morning, when I add this very special GIF that I truly only use on the most appropriate of occasions…

Go Fuck Yourself

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