Skip Bayless Proves He’s Completely Out Of His Element Discussing McGregor/Mayweather

The debate format of sports coverage is in full-swing now, and with Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather on deck in the next few weeks, all of the pundits in existence are discussing the super-fight, whether they’re qualified to or not. Take Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe’s discussion over Mayweather’s recent remarks about how, on paper, McGregor has the advantage. Especially considering he’s bigger, younger and Floyd’s been through over two decades of pro fighting and training camps. Bayless talks in circles as he states that McGregor’s one UFC loss to Nate Diaz was to a man “40 pounds heavier” that used “sumo wrestling” to “pin him.” That didn’t happen.

Let’s go to MMA analyst SuperCalo for more:

That alone should debase anything Bayless has to say, especially considering both McGregor and Diaz weighed-in within a pound of each other (he probably rehydrated a few pounds but gaining 40 pounds of water is reserved only for one superhuman — Anthony Johnson). Then, Bayless says “This is a hybrid fight,” even though it’s a strict boxing match.

Oh yeah, those fights with Nate Diaz are the only fights in which McGregor didn’t have a size advantage on his own opponents, but I digress.

We could go on. There’s even a weird anecdote about how McGregor has made Mayweather “crumble by “telling the truth” after minutes of Bayless saying that Mayweather is going to destroy Conor (which is probably true). It’s a confusing circular logic that seems like Bayless is talking to himself while Sharpe tries to keep it together somewhat.

Here’s more. Bayless says Mayweather can only win by “running” and calls the shoulder roll “fixing” a fight. This is painful. I’m dying.

Much like the Snoop Dogg fiasco in which UFC fighters are calling for his removal from the UFC alternate commentary booth, real combat sports fans are cringing more every day. When will MMA be through with these growing pains? Maybe 30 or 40 years?

Let’s look at that technique that should be OUTLAWED!