‘Drunk Tom Brady’ Partied And Got Surprisingly Introspective On ‘SNL’ Weekend Update

Tom Brady made some memes of his own in the days following his latest Super Bowl win, and he certainly got enough attention in the process to make his way back to Saturday Night Live. The Tampa Bay quarterback celebrated his seventh Lombardi Trophy by tossing it from one boat to another during a drunken floating celebration party that left him trying to catch his sea legs when it was over.

Which is why SNL couldn’t resist bringing “Drunk Tom Brady” to Weekend Update to chat on Saturday. Played by Beck Bennett, who honestly doesn’t look much like Brady, the superstar quarterback brought an extremely busted version of the Lombardi Trophy to the set, then used it as a bottle opener to keep the party going.

SNL on YouTube

The segment turned a bit dark at one point with Brady wondering why, despite all the success and winning he’s done, no one seems to like him.

“The problem is, nobody likes me,” Brady said. “I don’t know what I did so wrong. All I did was go out and win Super Bowls, I thought maybe if I win one more trophy and people are gonna like me.”

As it turns out, though, Drunk Tom Brady was just kidding: he doesn’t care what anyone thinks because he won. It’s actually the second time in recent weeks that “Brady” had appeared on SNL. Ahead of Super Bowl 55, Brady was played by John Krasinski in a sketch where it was concluded he was the last thing left in America that actually still “works.”

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