Snoop Dogg Was Overjoyed When He Saw A ‘Horse Crip Walkin’ While Analyzing Equestrian With Kevin Hart

The Olympics are a quadrennial celebration of the best athletes in the world. These sorts of athletes get those huge platforms annually if they play the right sport — the basketball players have the NBA and WNBA, that sort of thing — but for the lesser-heralded sports, the Olympics double as a chance to get under a spotlight that just isn’t there all that often.

Take, for example, equestrian, which spends three years getting tons of attention from hardcore fans of the sport and not much else in our broader sports consciousness. On Saturday, equestrian got a little more attention than usual thanks to a pair of Peacock analysts who don’t exactly follow the sport year-round.

Peacock has Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg providing some uncensored Olympic commentary, and you should take a sec and listen to the sheer amount of joy Snoop has in seeing a “horse crip walkin.”

Kevin Hart laughed very hard because it is hilarious — he especially enjoyed Snoop saying he needs to get that horse in a video, which again, is hilarious. This was not the only bit of analysis we heard from them, as Snoop probably got an executive somewhere very mad with his analysis of skeet shooting.

We also got Hart telling Randall Cunningham about what happened the last time he wore his Philadelphia Eagles jersey with Cunningham’s name and number on it.

Go Birds.