Here's A Guy Juggling While Solving A Rubik's Cube. Wait, What?

Fair warning: This clip is from Steve Berke Comedy (whose most recent efforts include a Macklemore parody song about pot and a Taylor Swift parody song about premature ejaculation), so there’s a chance the entire thing is bogus and nobody should be impressed. Should the second half of that sentence turn out to be untrue, holy shit here’s a guy juggling and solving a Rubik’s Cube at the same time.

It helps that the clip originated at Humans At Stanford, a juggler-themed Tumblr-esque thing, and was just co-opted a la EBaum’s World so the Steve Berke Comedy network (or whatever) could get traffic. Mission accomplished, dude, because a guy who can solve a Rubik’s Cube in the middle of a juggling routine deserves to be lauded and applauded by the entire world. I can’t do either of these things. Well, I can juggle a little, but it ends with people rolling their eyes at me because the only juggling of note in the world involves chainsaws and fire and me f**king around with a couple of lemons when I’m supposed to be working is not that.

Video is below. Enjoy, and don’t try this at home. You risk a heinous stickerburn.

Amazing. Now let’s see him set the Rubik’s Cube on fire and try it that way.