Is This Month The Best Month? Here Is A Very Important Ranking Of The Sports Calendar

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Martin Rickman: It’s an argument I’ve had with friends in a bar so many times I barely remember which one started it first: What is the best sports month? Every time we come close to reaching a consensus, somebody else brings up a good point, or buys another round, or I wander off to play pinball. And we have to start it all over again another day.

But this time will be different. I do not have a pinball machine at my house. I am not drinking because it is 9 a.m., and you and I are very respectful in light of the fact that we’ve both watched so many law-based shows (miss you every day, Franklin & Bash). I know we can do this.

I don’t want to settle the simple question of which is the best sports month. I believe we can do even better than that. Let’s rank ALL of the sports months, from 1-12.

I’ll let you take the floor, Mr. Grubb – what is No. 1? And we can go from there. If I have any specific disagreements, I’ll stop you, but I already have a feeling I know which month you’re going with.

Brian Grubb: This is hard for me because I am strongly and controversially on the record as anti-Fall (days getting shorter, everything around you dying, Winter coming), but I think the best sports month is probably October, if only because there’s so much going on. College and professional football is in full swing, with teams working out their early season kinks to reveal who’s going to contend and who is going to fade away; The last remaining teams are duking it out in the baseball playoffs; and the NBA season is counting down to its end-of-the-month tip-off. You’ve got a beginning, a middle, and an end, all in one month.

As a fan of Philadelphia’s teams, I will be triple miserable. But it should be nice for everyone else!

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