Stephen A. Smith Just Realized What's So Hilarious About Stephen A. Smith

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05.22.12 9 Comments

Yesterday, we shared with you comedian Jay Pharoah’s epic, pitch-perfect takedown of Stephen A. Smith during Saturday night’s Weekend Update segment on SNL. It was the kind of thing they need to do more of, in both “do good impressions of people who aren’t on CNN” and “let Jay Pharoah be on your show” interpretations of a thing.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! SportsCenter made the moment even better by filming Actual Stephen A. Smith’s reaction to the impression as he watched it, and it’s the perfect mixture of SAS brush-off and facepalming to let you know he’s a good sport, but he’s also going to sit somewhere by himself a little later and contemplate how life has brought him here.

The wonderful video is below.

The next time he launches into scream-speak, whoever’s on camera with him should just roll their eyes up and scream about how Mario Chalmers doesn’t deserve arms. Oh, and as YouTube user TheBMWright succinctly phrases it:

“I would never wear that suit!”

Wearing the same suit

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