Stephen Colbert Took On Michael Sam And His ‘Hardcore Closed-Lip Brief And Affectionate Pecking’

I’m glad we’ve got Donald Sterling AND Michael Sam news now, because constantly, heated discussions about race and sexuality are why I signed up for this wrestling-jokes-and-nutshots sports blog. Can Joe Rogan say more about Obamacare? That’d be awesome.

This was originally going to be a piece about Stephen A. Smith, and how he thinks it’s “very, very dangerous” to punish people for being bigoted, because “freedom of speech” and because he thinks sports are the government. Lots of terse, dense paragraphs about how you can’t say you support human rights and immediately follow it with “but there were KIDS watching,” followed by about three dozen YouTube comments about queers going to hell to support the everybody’s hateful and you can’t give anybody the benefit of the doubt talking point.

Instead, I’ll defer to Stephen Colbert, master of taking a serious subject and presenting it simply as a thing insane people get hot about. Colbert discussed the St. Louis Rams drafting Michael Sam and the response from people like Donald Trump, noting that “sexuality is supposed to take place off camera, and the fans should only find out about it when the charges are filed.” So much better than SAS grimacing at the camera while Skip Bayless discusses the ethereal beauty of gay PDA.

Shorter version: Don’t think what Donald Trump thinks.

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