The Very Best Vegas Sportsbooks For Viewing The Super Bowl, Ranked

02.01.17 2 years ago 3 Comments

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Going to Las Vegas during the Super Bowl offers a unique experience to the sports gambler. There is a veritable smorgasbord of wagering options for each game, with the addition of plenty of props and alternate lines to the standard options.

My personal favorite weekend to visit Las Vegas during the NFL Playoffs is during the Divisional Round, because there are four games (but four better games than Wild Card Weekend) as well as tons of NBA and college hoops action to pass the time before, during and after football. That’s come and gone, but for those with trips planned for the Super Bowl, I’d like to offer some assistance in figuring out what sportsbook to go to, based on a few factors.

The most important things for me are viewing options and line availability. I want to be able to spray money all over the board, that way I at least lose it on a lot of different bets instead of just being heavy on one or two things, and I want to be able to watch everything I have money on. Let’s say there’s a playoff football game on, but I’m also sweating some MAAC hoops action because I got heavy on Sienna-Quinnipiac on a KenPom play. I want to be in a book that will have that game available to watch as well.

There are other factors go into the sportsbook selection process as well. Betting minimums for drink vouchers, seating availability, quickly accessible fast food options and location of the book with regards to ease of access from the middle of the strip are all important. I tend to be more flexible on these things, but figure out what matters most to you (and hopefully this can help narrow down the decision).

With all of those criteria in mind, here are my top 10 sportsbooks for the Super Bowl.

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