Prince On A Boat: Let’s Discuss The Perfect Super Bowl Halftime Show Ideas

and 02.07.16 2 years ago
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This is another entry in a series where Danger Guerrero and Martin Rickman email each other about important sports issues and then publish those emails. It’s not a new story form by any means, and admittedly it’s kind of lazy, but it is fun, and we like to have fun, so we hope you enjoy it. (Previously: Drafting our dream NBA All-Star Celebrity Game team, Fixing The Pro Bowl.)

Martin: The “big game” is here. That’s right, it’s Super Bowl time. We get to load up on snacks, turn the volume to an unreasonable level, make small talk we’ll completely ignore with friends and pour hours into a television screen. This is America at its finest, and nothing celebrates that more than the halftime show. It’s sponsored, will have plenty of brand plugs, unnecessary flourishes and choreography and special guests, and it’s wonderful.

There have been lots of amazing halftime show moments over the years, from actual good music, to hilarity, to absurdity, and I doubt that Super Bowl 50 will be any different, especially with how much emphasis they’ve been putting on blowing just about every facet of this game out to the Nth degree.

This year they went with Coldplay (and others). Some players in the Super Bowl don’t even know who Coldplay is, which is fine because all the people making the decisions (read: sponsors) love Coldplay and that’s who matters here.

How do you feel about Coldplay (and Beyonce and others)? What would you do if you were in charge of the halftime show?

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