Super Bowl Matchup Is Not The ‘Cheesy Rape Burger’ That Jeremy Piven Ordered

01.31.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

I really need to stop giving away the entire post in the headline, but…yeah. So Jeremy Piven, he of PCU and “Entourage” fame, had some thoughts on Sunday’s Super Bowl matchup in north Texas Sunday. Instead of seeing the Steelers and the Packers, Piven was pulling for a Jets-Bears matchup in the big game.

“Jets-Bears would have been the greatest Super Bowl. Now it’s Rapist-Berger and the Cheeseheads. The Cheesy Rape Burger. Did you just videotape that?


Come on, Jeremy. It’s Rapelisberger. We also would have accepted Roethlisrapist, Rapelisrapist, or Throwin’ Polanski. It’s as if Piven never forced himself on a 20-year-old in a rural Georgia bathroom. I believe it was Jesus who said “Let he who is without a chubby for newly matured ass cast the first stone.” Or maybe it was the apostle Paul. Some Jews just know their way around a rape charge.

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