Tara Reid Claimed In An Awkward Radio Show Segment That She Kissed Tom Brady

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03.27.14 4 Comments
Tara Reid is doing well

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For whatever reason, Tara Reid was recently a guest on Australia’s KISS 1065 morning radio show, hosted by Kyle and Jackie O, who asked the one-time superstar actress to participate in a game that was ripped right out of a high school slumber party. The name of the game is “60 Seconds of Kiss” and it involves the hosts naming a variety of celebrities while asking Reid to admit if she has previously kissed them or would like to kiss them. I know, radio’s long, slow death really is a mystery to us all.

If you can make it past the premise, and even beyond Reid admitting that she’d like to kiss Eminem, Jackie O mentions Tom Brady and Reid admits that she has, in fact, kissed the New England Patriots dreamboat, which causes Jackie O to respond, “You have? He’s a hotttttttie.” Then she just rattles off some other random names and it’s really the most pointless thing that you’ve ever heard, but I guarantee that before the end of the week there will be at least 6 million headlines about how Reid is trying to break up Brady’s marriage. Because he’d obviously trade in the world’s most successful supermodel for the star of Sharknado.

And thanks to host Jackie O, I now have this song stuck in my head. That’s a good thing, obviously.

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