‘Ted Lasso’ Made Good On Its Promise To Send Ryan Reynolds And Rob McElhenney’s Soccer Team Some Biscuits

The Ted Lasso discourse continues unabated online, but at least the fictional soccer coach has made good on a promise to deliver a real soccer team some dang biscuits.

Following a joke about Wrexham AFC, a lower division soccer club now owned by Ryan Reynolds and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia co-creator Rob McElhenney, the two actors made waves by demanding an apology for mocking them by way of the Jason Suedeikis character’s famous biscuits. You know, a lot of them.

This whole thing, of course, was mostly in jest and entirely to drum up some publicity for both Lasso and the very real soccer team the two own. And it certainly worked, as we’re writing about it and you’re reading about it right now. While the request to have the ridiculous amount of biscuits arrive in time for the team’s first game didn’t get honored, the team did get a big delivery of pink boxes over the weekend.

Even the fictional AFC Richmond Twitter account got in on the fun.

It’s a nice little coda on a very cool story in soccer, as Wrexham AFC and teams like AFC Wimbledon are certainly inspirations for the fictional squad Lasso coaches. Now if we can figure out if Brett Goldstein is real or not then we can all move on with our lives.