Tennis Player Jelena Jankovic Had A Bra Malfunction And A Fan Stepped In To Help Her

Jelena Jankovic defeated Sloane Stephens in the second round of the Rogers Cup in Montreal. But nobody’s talking about their match today, nobody’s talking about how Jelena came back after losing the first set in devastating fashion. Nope. People are talking about Jelena’s wardrobe malfunction, people are talking about Jelena’s bra strap snapping in the middle of the match.

Thankfully for Jelena, MacGyver was in the crowd and wait, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?! Illegal audience participation you guys!

Jelena Jankovic is no stranger to wardrobe malfunctions. In 2008, she changed her underwear in the middle of the match because, you know, the locker room wasn’t an option or something.

Busted bras, panty changes—STOP SEXUALIZING WOMEN’S TENNIS JELENA! Damn you.

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