That Time Gunnar Nelson Submitted All of EVE Online

Recently, the MMO EVE Online had their annual Fan Festival in Iceland, where the game design team is located. Also located in Iceland is undefeated UFC welterweight, and Burnsy’s favorite fighter, Gunnar “Gunni” Nelson. If there’s one thing that goes together perfectly, it’s video game nerds and high level athletes, so the EVE folks invited Gunnar to the Fan Fest for EVE of Destruction, a grappling exhibition.

Nelson took on members of the CCP Games team and soundly defeated them, over and over, gauntlet match style. Gunnar is known for being stoic during fights and interviews and general existence, but during the hour-long session, he looked to be close to falling asleep at times. I’m chalking it up to the fact that CCP is one of his sponsors, and it wouldn’t be cool to snap the VP of Finance’s arm, because then those checks start to dry up.