The Chicago Bears Did Something No Other Team Had Done Since 1923

11.10.14 5 years ago 8 Comments

What exactly is rock bottom? We hear people mention it all the time.

“Well we’ve hit rock bottom, there’s nowhere to go but up.”

That’s a positive outlook I suppose when things are grim, but it also assumes one very important thing, which is that you’ve actually hit rock bottom. And really, how could you know that without knowing what further load of crap lies ahead? Two weekends ago, the Chicago Bears suffered a 51-23 blowout loss to the Patriots that set a team record for most points allowed in a half with 38. That record lasted 1 whole game after they gave up 42 1st half points to the Packers on Sunday.

It’s tough for me to wrap my mind around that. This organization has been around since 1919, and nearly 100 years later, they set the same team futility record in back-to-back weeks. They are also the first team to give up 50 or more points in back to back games since 1923 when the Rochester Jeffersons did so against the Chicago Cardinals and Rock Island Independents. Is there even a joke to be made about that? The Rochester Jeffersons disbanded in 1925, presumably because they sucked so bad.

This comes back to my whole question about what is rock bottom? Where do they go from here?

Next Sunday the Bears come home to face the Minnesota Vikings. They have not won at Soldier Field since Week 14 of last year against the Cowboys, a span that covers 11 months. For a bit of fun, the Packers are 2-0 at Soldier Field since that time.

The Vikings are not world-beaters, but I’m not sure you have to be against this Bears team.

So is this rock bottom for the Bears and their fans or is there more to come? And if you’re a Bears fan, what exactly are you rooting for? The team is 3-6, so the playoffs are all but out. And even if they weren’t, would you even want to watch them face another playoff team again? Or do you want to see records continue to fall?

I know where I stand. What about you, Jay? You said after the blowout to the Patriots that you couldn’t focus on all the negatives. How about now?

Wait don’t tell me.

I figured as much, but I had to ask, you know?

Hey Jay, quick question, when you were traded to the Bears, how did you decide on a jersey number?

Well that’s easy, I wanted something that encompassed my abilities as a quarterback, so I just had to Pick 6.

That’s an original from me as far as I know. Feel free to use it.

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