The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 5/5/14: I Know What You Did Last Pay-Per-View

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Best: The Two Things I Like Most About Pro Wrestling

1. The Shield
2. Battles Royal

If I had a third thing on there it’d probably be “making the secondary titles seem important,” so it’s understandable that a battle royal for the unforgivably-neglected United States Championship featuring a guy from The Shield would bet he high point of my night. I liked a lot of this, especially the moments when Ambrose was allowed to really fight to keep his championship reign going … his 2-on-1 stuff with Rybaxel was particularly enjoyable, and easy to affix with a not-even-implied “this is important because Ryback HATES The Shield” subplot. Ambrose did a great job of selling his frustrating at the loss, too, with Roman having to pat him on the back repeatedly and console him while he clutched the ropes and made Yosemite Sam faces.

Worst: The Anti-Battle Royal?

The interesting thing about the battle royal is how “wrong” it felt. It felt like they someone had written a totally logical battle royal, and then Vince sauntered in with a literal hatchet and started hacking the white board to pieces.