The Colts Signed A Liquored Up Quarterback

A few days ago, I wondered in Internet print if Peyton Manning, he of almost $90 million in guaranteed coin for the remainder of his career, would be ready for the start of the season. Today, we know that answer is a whopping, “Oh hell naw.” According to the Indianapolis Star, the Colts all but confirmed that Manning’s surgically-repaired neck isn’t taking him off the PUP anytime soon. Well, at least not for Week 1.

That’s because it’s Kerry Collins time! The Colts signed the 38-year old veteran this morning, due to a complete lack of faith in backups Curtis Painter and Dan Orlovsky. Collins had retired after a 6-10 season with the Tennessee Titans, good enough for 4th in the AFC South last year. In fact, now that he’ll be playing for his old team’s division rival, I have a preview of what Titans fans will look like…

Just kidding, that’s what most Colts fans look like right now.