‘The Delirious’ Conrad McGillicutty is a Perfect Send-Up of UFC Star Conor McGregor

If you’re like me, you might be getting a little tired of seeing “The Notorious” Conor McGregor all over the MMA landscape. Luckily, so is fellow UFC featherweight, Ricardo “The Bully” Lamas, who proudly brings us a day in the life of “The Delirious” Conrad McGillicutty. There’s a ton of wonderful snipes on McGregor throughout the seven minutes.

A Moment of Self Reflection

Conrad takes several hours for “self reflection”, which is just him shadow boxing in front of a mirror, showing off his tattoo of a giraffe that’s chewed someone’s arm off, and then making faces in the mirror.

A Sense of Style

Next up for Conrad is a meeting with a fashion consultant at a tailor’s. That consultant just so happens to be the suavest man in MMA, “Mr. International” Shonie Carter.

“My time, your clothes, gotta coordinate
I’m the Pharaoh of Fashion, so don’t make me wait
Time to get cute, time to spend some loot
Gonna get you fitted with fashion, from suit to boot”

Despite the assistance of Carter, and a label to tell him how many people died making each suit, Conrad decides to show off his own sense of style

“It’s made from a rhinoceros’ penis!” Conrad helpfully exclaims


Now Conrad is in the gym and gets to show off his capoeira skills (Or maybe it’s capul-gairga?).

After the capoeira lesson ends abruptly, it’s time for Conrad to do some sparring. He gets matched up with an All-American, but Conrad doesn’t care where the guy’s from, he’s Irish! Of course, this leads to Conrad getting radgolled by the smaller wrestler.

Well, there it is, a day in the life of Conrad McGillicutty. I certainly learned a lot, mostly that I want a tattoo of a giraffe that’s chewed off someone’s arm.