The Go Daddy Nerd Is Out Of Control Now, May Never Work Again

The video you’re about to watch, for starters, isn’t sports-related, but is, however, very important in the sense that it reminds us all to remember where we came from and to never let fame get to our heads. I think that’s an incredibly important lesson for both celebrities and athletes alike, as we’ve seen so many awful stories about professional and collegiate athletes who have grown too big for their proverbial britches and thrown away such amazing talent.

Also, it allows me to go back to a story about a Super Bowl commercial and that’s all the sports-related measures that I need to prove to you nitpicking jackals.

That said, actor Jesse Heiman rose to fame earlier this year when he showed up in Go Daddy’s commercial as the fat, nerdy dude who got to suck face with Israeli super-duper model Bar Refaeli. Naturally, bros like me praised the kid for the light-hearted nature of the commercial, as a lot of us dorks enjoyed watching some nobody fulfill the dreams of millions.

And even more naturally, that fame went straight to his head, leading him to completely destroy all of that sudden popularity and career momentum by apparently trying to force Twilight actress Nikki Reed to kiss him in front of her husband. Not cool, nerd bro.

I wouldn’t have even mentioned this if it weren’t for the fact that the video is so painfully awkward. I’m surprised he didn’t tear off his shirt and start screaming, “LET’S DO THIS, BRO!” at her husband before crying his eyes out and sobbing, “I NEVER ASKED FOR THIS!”

Remember where you came from, folks.

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