The Niagara Women’s Basketball Team Was Stranded In A Snowstorm For 24 Hours

11.19.14 5 years ago 8 Comments

The National Guard was deployed in Buffalo yesterday after a snowstorm dumped as much as 70 inches in some areas. The storm is responsible for the death of six people, many of whom tried to dig themselves out. The storm also left motorists stranded on roads for almost 24 hours.

At 2 A.M. Tuesday morning, a bus carrying the Niagara women’s basketball team got stuck in the snow. A few hours turned into 12 hours, then 18 hours, then well, you get the idea. Players began live tweeting the ordeal.

We have snacks, some granola bars and pretzels,” Faustin said. “We found six bottles of water and have been rationing it. We thought we’d be here for a couple hours and a couple of hours turned into 12 hours. It’s now 24 hours.”

In the wee hours of Wednesday morning the team was finally rescued. #PRAYFORBUFFALO

[ABC News]

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