The Only Way To Paint Yao Ming: With A Basketball And As Big As Possible

Pro Wrestling Editor
01.25.12 3 Comments

From Guyism by way of Gizmodo comes one of the weirdest and most unnecessarily creative videos you’ll see on the Internet not involving a cup or a tub: artist Hong Yi painting a more-or-less lifesize painting of With Leather favorite and adorable panda-handler Yao Ming using nothing but a canvas, a basketball, and a bucket of red paint.

It’s pretty incredible, both in result and execution. Imagine how hard it would be to portraitize Miles Davis using nothing but blue and a trumpet, or the impossibility of dipping your junk into a vat of Sherwin Williams and rubbing out an acrylic of Peter North. Painting basketball guys with a basketball is a great skill. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it’s the greatest kind of skill — the one you have absolutely no reason to use.

I keep restarting the video to see if she’s gonna work a panda into this somewhere.

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