The Receipt From LeSean McCoy’s 20 Cent Tip Is On eBay For $1000

And just when you thought we had a denouement in the LeSean McCoy tipping fiasco, a stupid story reels us right back in. On Saturday, a listing showed up on eBay for the 20 cent receipt that caused quite the uproar last week. After only 48 hours, the bid is up to a whopping $1025 (it’s changing by the minute). Proceeds from the tip go to help starving children in Africa. Nah, just kidding. It’s going to that poor schmuck who provided crappy service and lied about it.

My good friend Tommy Up has left this receipt in my possession in order to ensure something positive comes out of this somewhat negative action that has recently taken place.

With your help we’ll be able to leave the largest tip possible to all PYT employees for their hard work and dedication.

The only thing we would like to ask on your end is for the winner to write a personalized note or card to the PYT staff, which we give to the staff along with the winning bid/tip. (We want to give credit where credit is due)

Happy Bidding!!!

So just to review here:

1) PYT has crappy service
2) LeSean McCoy is a shitty tipper
3) People really like autographs
4) eBay users are really stupid

Did I get that right? Ok good. Can we move on? We need to find another celebrity to tip-shame. Get on that TMZ.

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