The Royals Let This Boy Throw Out The First Pitch Before Chopping All Of The Onions

Senior Writer
06.25.14 10 Comments

While Tim Lincecum may be the man of the hour on for throwing the second no-hitter of his career today, he still can’t hold a candle to the stars of one of the day’s other most popular videos. This one comes to us courtesy of the Kansas City Royals, who yesterday invited a boy named Austin Sides to live the dream and throw out the first pitch before the team would take on the Los Angeles Dodgers. What Austin didn’t know, though, was that his father and Air Force Major Robert Sides had returned from active duty to catch that first pitch. And yes, it was definitely better than 50 Cent’s effort.

As I’ve always been an unapologetic sucker for these videos, I have to say that I never thought there was a way to take the emotional effect to a new level. But having a kid unknowingly play catch with his father? Damn, Royals, that’s a gamechanger.

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