The Vikings Are Not Moving To L.A.

05.25.11 7 years ago 5 Comments

… Yet.

Rush Limbaugh is an opinionated, loud-mouthed cartoon character with the benefit of a massive bank account. Two years ago, he was rumored to be using a slice of that estimated $700 million net worth to purchase a limited partnership stake in a potential new ownership group for the St. Louis Rams, but he was eventually booted from that endeavor by St. Louis Blues chairman Dave Checketts because he’s… well, he’s Rush Limbaugh.

Limbaugh is the rumored name du jour as the potentially interested buyer for the Minnesota Vikings should the team’s current ownership fail at securing a new stadium deal in Arden Hills. Team executives are adamant about getting a deal done now and will not wait another season. Enter Limbaugh and a seemingly harmless comment during a radio interview with former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty that is fueling our thirst for blockbuster NFL rumors.

Limbaugh: I know you’re not in the statehouse any longer, but there’s an issue roiling the state right now and that’s the Vikings and their new stadium and how much of it should be publicly financed. The usual threats are being made: If the public doesn’t chip in and build a new stadium the Vikings are gone. They’ll move to L.A. or someplace.
Pawlenty: The rumor is you’re gonna buy ’em and move ’em. Is that true?
Limbaugh: (laughing) Well, uh, this interview is about you. (laughing)

When Pawlenty then laughed, Limbaugh said, “I’ll keep [the interview] focused on you.” (Star Tribune)

Limbaugh will not buy the Vikings and move them to Los Angeles. He will not buy the Vikings and keep them in Minnesota. He will not buy the Vikings, plain and simple. The union already freaked out when he tried to become a limited partner, because everyone remembers his comments about Donovan McNabb and black quarterbacks 8 years ago.

Hard to believe it was only 8 years ago that McNabb was in the news for racial issues and now here he stands, finally in the news because he’s a bad quarterback*.

*And for racial issues.

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