The Wit And Wisdom Of Wazzu: Mike Leach Hosted An AMA On Reddit

When word hit my Twitter feed yesterday that Washington State football coach Mike Leach was hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit, I was super excited. “Here,” I thought, “will be the ultimate no-holds-barred takedown of Craig James. The uncensored, gloves-off thrashing that college football fans have been waiting for.” Of course, then I realized that would never happen.

On one hand, you have James, the candidate for the U.S. Senate from the great state of Texas so blinded by his own ego and ambition that he doesn’t even want to admit that he stands a snowball’s chance in the Alamo of winning his election. Still, he’ll talk about his destruction of Leach’s career at Texas Tech at any opportunity, because to him it was all politics. Otherwise, he might have done what his son, Adam, once did and admit that Leach didn’t do anything wrong.

On the other hand, there’s Leach. He just wanted to coach college football again, after having his reputation smeared by James and a few years stolen from his career. Once that thought crossed my mind, I realized that we were in for more of a pep rally. And I don’t have a problem with that, because the result was Leach showing that he really does seem like a good guy. Maybe he’s a politician, too, but at least he does a better job at hiding it.

But don’t worry, he did talk about James, and after the jump, I dug out some of the better questions and answers, as well as some questions Leach didn’t answer that might have yielded more entertaining responses.

And now here are a few of the questions he didn’t answer that I would have enjoyed…

And perhaps the most important question of them all: