Things That Tyrann Mathieu Probably Should Have Tweeted Yesterday But Didn’t

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04.16.13 11 Comments

America: Land of the Free to Have Stupid Facial Hair

I don’t get people. I don’t get how they can be born with unnatural talent and put in a position that people would (and have) kill to be in, to make millions upon millions of dollars for playing a game that people love. And all the while they can’t grasp the basic idea of thinking before speaking. But then, as I’ve pointed out so many times before, I’m not in their heads, so I can’t really identify with that someone like Tyrann Mathieu is thinking when he Tweets (and promptly deletes) something like this in the wake of yesterday’s tragedy at the Boston Marathon:

America… Only thing its good for is making money other than that this a wicked & cruel place to reside… #pray4boston

For the uninformed, Mathieu is a gifted young football player, who excelled at LSU before he was kicked off the team for failing drug tests as many as 10 times. Then he was arrested for marijuana possession. So maybe he’s pissed off because a guy can’t just smoke a little herb without people kicking him out of school or arresting him. But again, I’m not in his brain to know why he thinks that America is so wicked and cruel, and where he’d rather live than this country that is allowing him a second and third chance to make millions of dollars playing football.

I’m also not trying to tell a guy that he can’t have an opinion. If Mathieu hates America, fine. A lot of people do. But this is more of an issue with common sense or a lack thereof. Tons of people are insensitive, some even do it for a living. Sh*t, did you see what Anthony Jeselnik Tweeted (and deleted)? I’m just saying that there’s a time and a place, and a guy like Mathieu, whose draft stock has already taken repeated hits, needs an angel on his shoulder telling him that not every thought needs to be shared.

For instance, I’d like to suggest some things that he could have Tweeted instead.


Thoughts and prayers with the people at the Boston Marathon.

Can I help?

Hey everyone, report these fake Boston Marathon Twitter accounts as spam.

Dogs vs. Cats – which do you prefer?

Hey, remember what Rashard Mendenhall Tweeted about Bin Laden that one time? That was messed up.

Be safe and hug your loved ones. Life can be short and taken for granted.

Here’s some information about donating blood…

And last but not least, anything but what he actually Tweeted.

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