This Animated Wilt Chamberlain Interview Is The PBS Of Taiwan Animation

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05.14.13 3 Comments

Wilt Chamberlain animated interview catWe talk a lot about the esoteric weirdos who make those wacky Taiwanese animation videos where Tim Tebow gets literally crucified and hockey fights turn into graphic dismemberments, but sometimes its nice to see actual animation, where the people involved took the time to make it clever or interesting or pretty or not full of random stabbings.

In the spirit of that sentiment, here’s a clip from Blank On Blank that illustrates a 1992 interview with basketball great Wilt Chamberlain. Highlights include:

– Wilt as a giant monster, destroying a town

– Wilt lovingly petting a cat (because this is on The Internet)

– Wilt’s sexual motto (“Viva la difference!”)

– a thorough conversation about dog sizes

It’s good stuff. Check it out, and then watch the rest of their stuff if you’re bored. The Jim Morrison one about the beauty of being fat is a good one. And check out the one where Manny Ramirez beats his wife with an oversized bat that reads STEROID ALLEGATIONS. I think that was them.

[h/t to Deadspin]

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