This Coach Didn’t Like A Call That Went Against His Team, So He Punched The Referee

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07.03.15 2 Comments

Dealing with bad calls from officials is part of sports. Putting up with bad calls, as we learned from this Romanian soccer coach, is another story.

All of the details come from the description on the YouTube video, but there was a Romanian Cup match between Arsenal Malu and Union Springs where the latter’s coach, Laurentiu Belea, decided that a bad call by the official, 23-year-old Alexander Tunaru, meant that he could storm onto the pitch and punch the ref in the face.

The best detail from the entire ordeal involves the official’s father, who was understandably a bit angry that a coach ran onto the field and punched his son in the face:

Alexander’s father Tunaru seen beating the stands and immediately fell in support of his son. He wanted to jump from the neck coach springs, but was stopped by police.

Romanian soccer is way more intense than anything we have in the United States.

(via For The Win)

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