This Inverted Kimura Is The Most Amazing Submission Ever

This past Sunday in South Korea, Road Fighting Championship put on Road FC 21, and one of the mid-card fights was Tyrone Henderson taking on Young Gi Hong (Young Gi is a great name for a rapper that’s into martial arts, just putting that out there). During the first round, Henderson ends up the ground and Hong achieves mount. Normally, Tyrone would be in trouble, but he’s a crafty dude and grabs one of Young Gi’s arms. Henderson then uses his own arm fulcrum and cranks Hong’s arm into a combination bicep slicer and inverted kimura, forcing the tap.

I’ve never seen anything like that, and it’s pretty amazing. I’m going to put Tyrone Henderson’s inverted kimura from bottom mount into the shortlist for best submission of the year, and probably best submission of the entire history of the universe.