This Is The Greatest Collection Of Kate Upton Pictures You Will Ever See

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07.18.11 43 Comments

Saturday night, while I was out saving the world from an overabundance of beer, I got an email from Brandon with the subject “Holy Hell” and a link to Darren Rovell’s Twitter. I couldn’t open it on my phone but I assumed it was extremely important because he asked if we could handle the topic in-depth and of course I was like, “Maybe?” When I got home and checked the Rovell Tweet in question, my answer was simple – F*CK. YES.

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton was at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Miami – the same one that Jay Cutler and Chad Ochocinco attended last Thursday – and that’s news. It’s sports news, movie news, political news… whatever. Kate Upton is news. So I told Brandon, “You know I’ve got this covered.” And people may be thinking, “Well this isn’t sports-related” and I’ve already mentioned Sports Illustrated, Jay Cutler and Chad Ochocinco, so my bases are covered.

On top of that, I was on the FilmDrunk Frotcast last week and those guys don’t even know who Upton is, like they’re so far above her. Jerks. And even more, Uproxx’s favorite geeky white rapper and son of Tom Hanks, Chet Haze, Tweeted on Friday that he was looking for a hot, young female celebrity to holler at and I suggested Upton. And he totally went for it, so this whole thing is the most important news story you’ll read all day.

It’s Kate Upton. KATE. UPTON. Thank me later.


(Pics of Kate Upton, did I mention it’s Kate Upton, via Daylife.)

Kate also did some other stuff recently and I’m including pictures from that because IT’S KATE UPTON.


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