This Kenny Powers Look-Alike Went Full Stone Cold Steve Austin At A NASCAR Event

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Fast cars, non-ironic facial hair, jorts and wasting cheap light beer in an obvious tribute to a professional wrestler: That’s what America does, baby!

This True American Hero was captured on film at the Talladega Superspeedway on Sunday where Dale Earnhardt, Jr. drove to victory in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series GEICO 500. Earnhardt put on quite the show, leading in 67 laps and winning by all of 0.159 seconds, but the real entertainment was happening on the infield, where a young gentleman who looks like Kenny Powers made his family proud by sporting jean shorts and dumping beer all over himself.


If you’ve got a legitimate argument for not putting this man on American currency, we’d love to hear it. Otherwise, we’ll start drafting the petition to put him on the $10. Alexander Hamilton wasn’t even president, so this guy’s definitely a bigger Patriot.

(Via BroBible)