Tim Howard’s High School Yearbook Quote Could Not Have Been More Appropriate

I’m not quite ready to discuss the game in Brazil yesterday, but I am prepared to heap praise on American patriot and possible superhero, Tim Howard. The US goalie deserves all the adoration the internet can muster — and he’s been getting a lot — so I’m happy to share this high school yearbook photo and quote that someone with quite the blunt handle uploaded to Reddit late last night.

Belgium’s population is just over 11 million, for those of you wondering. So yeah, Tim Howard is a man of his word. He was also probably a pretty big Public Enemy fan. But now I think it’s safe to assume Chuck D and Flavor Flav are Tim Howard fans.

While we’re here and linking Wikipedia, we should probably also include this tremendous update

And finally, here’s Tim Howard scoring a goal from goal. Because you should really see this.

I think I know who my write-in vote is going to be for the next decade or so.

Via r/Pics