TMZ Asked Matt Leinart About His Ex’s New Baby (With Blake Griffin) In Front Of His Son

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09.24.13 5 Comments

According to TMZ Sports, Blake Griffin’s ex-girlfriend (or whatever) and former USC women’s basketball player Brynn Cameron gave birth to his child, despite the fact that they just broke up, and that’s pretty much what we’ve come to expect from athletes these days. No real shock to the first part of this story, obviously.

What makes it interesting, though, is that we all know who Cameron is because she’s also the woman who gave birth to former USC QB Matt Leinart’s kid way back when he was expected to be a quality NFL QB with the Arizona Cardinals. Leinart, as it turns out, was not very good as a pro and has since bounced around to the Texans, Raiders and most recently the Bills as a backup. And after he failed to make the cut with Buffalo, it was safe to say that his days as a pro were done.

How that affects what TMZ reports is the $15,000 a month that he pays in child support to Cameron is beyond me, but what I do know is that this video that a TMZ camera man shot of Leinart yesterday is just downright awkward as all hell.

“Did you meet the baby yet,” he asks the former 10th overall NFL draft pick in front of two children, one of which TMZ hypothesizes might have been the son that he had with Cameron six years ago. I don’t expect much tact from the Internet in general these days, let alone TMZ, but this is just a new low. At least the TMZ guy had the good nature to lie and say he’s a big fan.

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