TMZ Won’t Let Kris Humphries Re-Enter The Workforce

Pro Wrestling Editor

So Kris Humphries signed a one-year contract worth a reported $8 million to play for the New Jersey Nets this season. That’s … that’s more or less the entire news bit.

TMZ, on the other hand,

“Which person in that marriage would you consider the sloppy one” aside, how amazing is it that the ASS: The Movie of journalism would be so desperate for viable Kardashian news that they’d devote a day and a half to Lamar Odom house hunting in Dallas and report the world’s most pedestrian power forward signing as the desperate act of a gold-digging Ferderlinian man? Even the context they provide is bitchy.

Kris became an unrestricted free agent after last season — also with the Nets — before marrying Kim Kardashian … a gravy train that quickly screeched to a halt.

Hopefully Humphries can play competent-enough basketball and keep making millions of dollars a year plying a trade and not have to ride a train with wheels greased by the E! Network, carrying whatever Kim Kardashian considers gravy. Although it would be pretty awesome if Humphries showed up to play the Knicks and the Nets were like, “oh, sorry, we don’t want you to play on our team, we signed you to f**k you and put you on our TV show”.

[via TMZ]

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