TNT Cameras Caught Blake Griffin Getting ‘Playful’ With A Team Trainer

01.23.15 4 years ago 3 Comments

During the course of an NBA game, how often does the camera focus on a player sitting on the bench? Maybe a couple times total? So tell me, what were the odds that TNT cameras would be focusing on Blake Griffin at the exact moment he was about to mime a playful beej from a team trainer who was wrapping his knee? That’s just good luck right there.

Let’s put 10 seconds on the clock and see how many jokes we can make.

  • Can we assume that was the Head Trainer?
  • Looks like Blake traded in his Kia for a Hummer.
  • I wonder if this Clippers team will ever get an oral history.
  • What’s the trainer’s name again? I think it’s either Neil or Bob.

And time’s up. Great job, Everyone.

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