Watch Tom Brady Do The Worst Possible Impression Of The Rock In An Effort To Sell Pajamas

Tom Brady has earned nearly $200 million during his NFL career. His current contract will take him to $230 million. That doesn’t include any of his endorsements, which include Movado, Uggs, Beautyrest and Donald Trump. He could quit football right now and live comfortably as a god for the rest of his days.

For some reason, he is trying to hock gimmick pajamas for Under Armour. That reason is, of course, money, but the lengths he’s going to move a few extra units of overpriced sleepwear have reached the point where he’s doing bad impressions of The Rock and attempting to get him involved in the shilling process. Look at this.

And for whatever reason, Brady and Under Armour chose the stone wall where Andy hides the letter for Red in Shawshank Redemption as the shoot location. This makes me want to buy pajamas.

If you didn’t know this was someone with about a quarter-billion in lifetime earnings, you’d think it was a down-on-his-luck athlete desperate for a few dollars so he could pay back taxes to the government. The Rock has already partnered with Under Armour on other stuff, so this is very likely the beginning of an attempt to create viral content. The Rock will probably respond with a video of his own, hopefully surrounded by deflated footballs and video cameras.

The similarities between Brady and Shaquille O’Neal are uncanny. Both are millionaires many times over yet both seemingly can’t say no to selling weird things for extra cash. And somewhere along the line, both were told they are funny when they are not. It was probably Seth MacFarlane in both cases. Shaq’s gotten funnier over the years but Brady’s performances in everything are so wooden that Hayden Christensen feels bad for him. He’s a step below Peyton Manning on the field and in front of the camera.

Anyway, Brady wants to squeeze more money out of you, because god forbid you sleep in your underwear and t-shirt or just regular pajamas.

(h/t For The Win)