Tom Zbikowski Wants Chad Ochocinco at the Flag Pole after Gym Class

It’s pretty common knowledge that Baltimore Raven’s safety Tom Zbikowski began his foray into the world of professional boxing around the time he was drafted out of Notre Dame. And although Tommy Z has put his boxing career on hold to focus on football, it would logically make sense that he had some sort of skill left over from his years of training. There is no room for logic, however, in the mind of Chad Ochocinco, who tweeted the following after Zbikowski stated that he would love to fight the Bengals wide receiver on The Dan Patrick Show:

@tommyzbikowski you wana go nite nite, you want to box me, for 1 your feet are to slow and you’ve no hand speed to even be competitive #smh @ochocinco via Shutdown Corner

I used to follow Ochocinco on Twitter, under the impression that he couldn’t get anymore annoying, but time and time again I was proven horribly wrong. Anywho, Zbikowski didn’t appreciate the knock on his boxing abilities, and went to his Facebook page to challenge Ocho to an actual boxing match. You know, for charity.

Dear Ocho Cinco (I won’t call you Johnson cause you only get one name change in my book), thanks for following my career…You and me at M&T Bank Stadium, charity four-round boxing match. You wear Orange and Black and I will wear Purple and black. If we do it in May, that should give you enough time to get ready…You game? Facebook via Shutdown Corner

In his first professional fight, Tommy Z TKO’d his opponent in 49 seconds. He’s also one of those guys who are twice as scary as normal humans because they’re just bat s**t crazy. My prediction: Zbikowski disfigures Ochocinco’s face so horribly that he needs to have his grills realigned.