Tony Romo Has Some Advice For Jason Witten Entering The Broadcast Booth

09.05.18 11 months ago


Tony Romo didn’t know exactly what I was going to ask him, but he probably had a good idea of what was coming. After a season in the broadcast booth with CBS following his surprise retirement from football, he’s learned a lot about using his skills to anticipate what’s coming.

Romo went right into the booth with Jim Nantz on the top pairing on CBS, getting premiere matchups as well as much of the network’s Thursday Night Football schedule. That package now belongs to Fox, but his year in prime time was good for viral moments where he excitedly narrated a cat’s exploits on the field during a game in October.

But the most exciting part of his job as an analyst came when he kept predicting what would happen on the field before it did. Fans loved Romo predicting audibles and where the ball was going on a play at the goal line, playing quarterback from a booth high above the field and giving people who have watched football for years something they rarely see: a chance to actually learn something in real time.

Romo sat down with Uproxx to talk about what he learned in his first year as a broadcaster and if he got any flack from players or coaches for tipping plays. He also talked about what former Dallas Cowboys teammate Jason Witten needs to do on ‘Monday Night Football’ as the former tight end follows in Romo’s footsteps in moving from Jerryworld to live sports broadcasts this year.

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