Refs Got Mad At Tre White For Swiping A Look At Ravens Plays When They Blew Onto The Field

Tre’Davious White is one of the best defensive players on a surprisingly strong Buffalo Bills squad this season. His play at corner has been a revelation for a Bills team that’s needed big efforts in low-scoring games to amass a record that’s put them squarely in a Wild Card spot in the AFC with a month to go.

White is well-loved by Bills fans for that play and his sense of humor. That was likely first seen by America on Thanksgiving Day, in which he made an impromptu appearance on TV taking a bite of Josh Allen’s turkey leg during a live interview on CBS.

Sunday’s meeting with the Baltimore Ravens was another big test for the 9-3 Bills against a Ravens team loaded with talent on offense, namely star quarterback Lamar Jackson. But the smartest play of the very windy day was when some printouts from the Ravens sideline blew onto the field. White tracked them down and took a look at what they were before the official hilariously swiped them from the curious cornerback.

The tweet itself is a bit incorrect: it’s not a full playbook that went onto the field, but the pictures printed out to go over on the sidelines. It wasn’t that windy in Orchard Park. But those printouts can be valuable, and it’s an extremely funny bit of gamesmanship by White in what was a very tight game on Sunday. He’s good enough to put the Bills in a situation to win on Sundays, but sometimes a little extra help never hurts.