This Truck Race Fight Involving A Steering Wheel Getting Thrown Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today

There is a tremendous history of fighting in motorsports, as tempers regularly flare on the track when someone gets wrecked. We have seen plenty of fistfights in the pits, people running out to the track to throw things at the other car who might still be out there, and retaliatory wrecks to return the favor.

However, every once in awhile we get a situation in which one person wants to fight and will got to great lengths to try and coerce the other person into joining the fray. This happened at the Stadium SUPER Trucks Honda 200 this weekend when Bo LeMastus and Bill Hynes got into it after the race, leading to LeMastus getting so mad that he starts ripping off his helmet and protective gear while requesting Hynes do the same, which he refuses to do. From there, things get really weird as LeMastus takes his steering wheel off his truck and chucks it at Hynes before running away.

It’s absolutely hysterical watching this man whip his steering wheel and then run away so it can’t be thrown back at him. As he scurries off the track, Hynes decides to smash his helmet to pieces instead and LeMastus gets stopped trying to run back at him with a fire extinguisher. While all this happened, Robby Gordon decided to stop on the track and watch it all unfold on the giant screen by the track, before peeling away to hit a ramp and drive off on two wheels.

Throwing a steering wheel at someone like a frisbee and then running away is, without a doubt, one of the funniest ways to end a fight, and I’d like to thank the SST for providing us with such a moment.