Tucker Max And John Calipari Are Our Picks For #TrueDetectiveSeason2

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04.17.14 6 Comments

The obvious question to ask when looking at this photo of University of Kentucky coach John Calipari flying on a private jet with Duke grad and professional babe-banging storyteller Tucker Max is: How? How do these two men, so seemingly different in their lifestyles and careers, end up together on a private jet, flying to watch the Chicago Bulls play the Charlotte Bobcats? And one of the things that I’ve had to convince myself after so many years on this colored marble is that there’s no point in asking that question anymore. Weird sh*t happens every day, and this is just another beef nugget in the pop cultural stew.

UPDATE: Tucker Max paid $25,000 for the experience at a silent auction.

I guess another question we could ask, though, is: how is Tucker Max still a thing? Sure, he’s sold millions of books and has told some stories that entertained us over the years, but I kind of thought that after 2009’s movie adaptation of I Hope They Sell Beer in Hell bombed at the box office, the gimmick had run dry. Then again, to promote the release of Hilarity Ensues in 2012, he offered half a million to Planned Parenthood for them to name an abortion clinic after him, and that book was No. 2 on the New York Times Bestseller List.

And here we are today, in 2014, as Tweets like this still happen:

I think it’s pretty clear why Coach Cal is hanging with his bro, Tucker Max. He wants to get his pinky stinky.

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