You’ll Want To March Straight Into King’s Landing After Hearing Tywin Lannister’s World Cup Of Rugby Speech

If you’re going to pump up the 2015 World Cup of Rugby in England, then hell yes, you better use a Game of Thrones character, hell yes, you better use Charles Dance, a.k.a Tywin Lannister. The man who always pays his debts stars in this promotional video ahead of next year’s festivities. In a room full of rugby players, Lannister screams, “we are going to raise the roof on every stadium for the northeast to the southwest.”

Those are the kind of words that kingdom’s are founded on. Those are the kinds of words that make me want to grab a crossbow and shoot the very first person I see on a toilet. Or something like that. And I just realized we have to wait seven months for Season 5. I’m not going to make it you guys.


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