Eddie Alvarez Decimates Justin Gaethje’s Face With A Furious Knee At UFC 218

12.02.17 4 months ago

Few fights in the history of the UFC have guaranteed violence as assuredly as Eddie Alvarez vs. Justin Gaethje. Even before weeks of build up on The Ultimate Fighter, the two men booked for a fight enthralled UFC fans with its perfect matchmaking. Eddie Alvarez, even in his losses, can’t have a bad fight. Justin Gaethje is the human embodiment of a fist tornado, more willing than possibly any fighter since a Diaz brother to go out on their shield while trying to end an opponent.

In something oh so rare, the fight lived up to expectations, with Alvarez and Gaethje both barely able to stand by the end of the fight. For nearly 15 minutes, Gaethje ruined Eddie Alvarez’s leg and made his face melt, but Alvarez, little by little chipped away at Gaethje, who is more cyborg than man.

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