Matt Brown Folded Up Diego Sanchez Like An Accordion With An Elbow From Hell

Entertainment Editor

If this is truly Matt Brown’s final time in the Octagon, it couldn’t have been better. A scrap that was guaranteed to have a wild highlight lived up to and exceeded all expectations when Brown used one of his trademark elbows upside The Ultimate Fighter season one winner Diego Sanchez’s head, sending him crashing to the mat like a fish flopping on a pier.

Sanchez is known for taking an ungodly amount of damage and keep on ticking, but he’s lost three out of his last four fights by quick KO or TKO finish. At this point, you have to wonder if the wars he’s been through have officially taken his chin away from him. At 36 years old, when will his time be up? It seems like Diego, who is known for getting his strength from thunderstorms (seriously), will never stop fighting, but hopefully, he does.

Speaking of retirement, here’s Matt Brown and his family gathering for possibly the last time in the UFC.

Of course, Daniel Cormier doesn’t believe that this will be the final fight for “The Immortal.” Considering Brown has been through countless wars himself, it’s probably in his best interest that he walks away with this flawless victory.

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